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Master holistic wellness with Founders Beauty's PlanWell, the all-in-one sustainable planner designed to optimize your lifestyle, health, and personal goals.

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FSC-Certified Materials

How does maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle with PlanWell contribute to skin health?

Answer: PlanWell empowers users to establish balanced routines and prioritize self-care, directly impacting skin health. By scheduling consistent skincare practices and managing stress levels, users can achieve a radiant complexion from within.

How does the undated and 90-day format of PlanWell allow for flexible usage?

Answer: PlanWell's undated format enables users to start their planning journey at any time, offering flexibility and convenience. With a 90-day layout, users can set and track goals effectively, making progress towards their aspirations.

How does resetting goals every 90 days with PlanWell enhance goal achievement?

Answer: PlanWell encourages users to regularly review and reset their goals every 90 days, fostering accountability and adaptability. This iterative process promotes clarity and focus, increasing the likelihood of goal attainment.

What distinguishes PlanWell as a premium lifestyle essential?

Answer: PlanWell stands out as a luxurious lifestyle companion, offering a sophisticated blend of functionality and elegance for those seeking an elevated daily experience.

How does PlanWell enhance daily routines and goal setting?

Answer: PlanWell provides a refined platform for organizing thoughts, setting goals, and achieving balance in life. Its meticulously designed layout encourages mindful planning and fosters a sense of empowerment.

Can PlanWell accommodate various daily activities and aspirations?

Answer: Absolutely, PlanWell offers versatile sections for scheduling daily routines, planning weekly agendas, journaling, tracking personal achievements, and curating leisure activities, ensuring all aspects of life are seamlessly integrated.

How does PlanWell support sustainable living?Answer: Crafted with eco-friendly materials, PlanWell embodies the ethos of sustainability, providing a guilt-free luxury experience while minimizing environmental impact.

What distinguishes PlanWell's design aesthetic?Answer: PlanWell boasts an exquisite design aesthetic, characterized by its sleek finish, timeless appeal, and attention to detail, making it a statement piece for the modern individual.


"90-Day, Undated Planner.

Comes equipped with a: Ritual Planner, Daily Gratitude Space, Meal Planner, Wellness Prompts, Hydration Tracker, Step Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Task Manager and prioritisation, and more. Use the features you feel would help you increase productivity, improve balance, sleep better and ensure healthy habits.

Available in 3 colours - Royale, Caramel, and Mandarin"

Use daily for optimal results.

Store in a cool, dry place.