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Leaves my skin glowing, soft & hydrated<span>☀</span>

Leaves my skin glowing, soft & hydrated

I just love this mask, it gives my skin a quick boost and a bright healthy glow. It has an instant cooling effect on the skin, such a calming feeling. My face feels so soft and hydrated after using this. I'd definitely recommend this.
- Vahbiz


This product is amazing! The quality of the actual serum is perfect and it smells soooo good!
- Jordi
Love it! Smells<br> and Feels good!

Love it! Smells
and Feels good!

I really like the creamy clay mask! I don’t usually have a good feeling about clay mask but this creamy clay mask really change my opinion totally. It’s so easy to use and the travel pack is so convenient too! Highly recommend you to give it a try.
- Erica Zhou
Milky goodness in<br> a fab bottle

Milky goodness in
a fab bottle

What can I say, I’m a fan!! Its super soft and hydrating. You wake up with just the most wonderful fresh face and like having a baby skin! I was afraid of breaking out but never did! What’s so good is that its all natural ingredients so I know I am only taking in goodness! Highly recommended!
- Clarisa

Founders Beauty is a clean, vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free company. We hold our production process to the highest standard. As such, the first certification we applied for was PETA. We love animals dearly and we do not believe in harming them for our consumption. Moreover, we love our plants too. Our ingredients, which are plant-based and vegan, are taken from the environment, as such we worked to ensure to produce our products and packaging as sustainably as possible - in turn preserving all that’s around us.




Your Skin Barrier: Look after it, cherish it, nourish it.

Here’s your skin barrier repair cheat sheet.

Our Story

Our Story

Sonam Uttamchandani a daughter, sister, wife, and now CEO of Founders Beauty; has always been fuelled by the desire to help one and all. It has driven her to persevere through all her endeavors.

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Your Brand

Beauty knows no bounds.

It is in us, in our environment, and in everything we do. It is essential that we cultivate this beauty. Founders Beauty was built on the importance of that, and it is our promise to TELL it like it is.

Our brand stands on these core values: Transparency, Empowerment, Lasting, and Love.

We promise to be transparent. We aim to empower through education. We work to build something that transcends trends and stands the test of time. Lastly, we are driven by love and are committed to upholding it in every aspect of Founders Beauty — from the ingredients we choose to the partners we collaborate with.

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