8 Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day!

A morning can go one of two ways, if you’re a morning person you could be one of those people who start your days right, having time for yourself and are early to work! If you’re not you probably find it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning, let alone being up and ready for that call you have at 9 in the morning!

If you’re the latter, you probably underrate the benefits of a great routine, and if you’re the former, you probably have come to realize the importance of that routine and see the damage skipping your morning ritual does to your day.

With working from home still being default in most countries, we are afforded extra time that we would otherwise spend in commute to work or at a long office lunch. Why not efficiently use that time, no?

Whether you wake up really early or not, make it a point to follow a morning routine that will help set the tone for your day in one way or another. Whether it’s to read an actual newspaper instead of reading it online or to dedicate some time to cook a healthy breakfast for yourself in the kitchen instead of ordering something in? How will this help you? Let’s dive right in!

Let’s look at these habits that will truly enhance the rest of your day. We hope after this read, you will see the impact of slowing down and how that will truly help you speed up across everything else!

  1. Exercise or stretch- Get in a morning sweat session. A study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning, and decision making!
  2. Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning -- While we understand how hectic work and outside of work for that matter can get, take a few minutes to thoroughly enjoy your morning, whether its soaking in some sunshine and enjoying the cool morning breeze that you may otherwise never notice, doing some morning meditation or even just sipping on your favorite cup of coffee and enjoying the quiet.
  3. Hydrate - - For the love of skin, mind, and body, always hydrate. Drinking enough water keeps the skin healthy, the body active and ensures overall balance.
  4. Tip:

    Start your day with a glass of warm water and add in some lemon, this helps remove toxins from your digestive tract that may have been built up overnight and is a great source of vitamin c for your body. Another incentive - it supports weight loss!

  5. Write a little something or doodle - - When you wake up in the morning, your mind is fresh. You’re well-rested and can think better. To give your creativity an instant boost, write something that calms you down or doodle something. Dedicating even 5 minutes to this process boosts creativity and inspires!
  6. Cook something by yourself - As they say, eat your breakfast like a king! So eating a good mix of everything in the morning is not only healthy but keeps you active throughout the day. Be it fruits or sandwiches, juices or coffee, trust this process it’s an instant mood booster and inspires creativity as well!
  7. Make your own bed - Whether you’re a cleanliness freak or not, making your bed and folding the sheets are two steps you can take to truly set the tone for your day. It’s the easiest thing to start your day with and ticks one thing off your to-do list almost immediately! As per a lot of successful individuals in the world, making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and lets you take on more during the day!
  8. Walk - Be it at home or just a casual stroll around your house with your pet, just move as it sets the pace for the rest of your day. Research suggests that a morning walk is a great tool to boost creativity, increase one’s ability to generate ideas, as well as aid in forming solutions, as compared to those who don’t do this, especially if one walks outdoors!
  9. Meditate -Whether you pray or not, the choice is yours. But meditation is one healthy habit that will not only change your outlook towards life but also teach you to embrace yourself, your flaws, and the chance to reflect within. In a study done by Yale University, it was found that mediation reduced activity in the brain’s DMN [Default Brain Network], which is typically active when we are idle or not thinking about anything specific. How does this matter? Well, Mind-wandering is generally linked to being less happy and leads to worrying about the past and future, the goal is to dial it down and mediation does just that.

Try any of the above, and see how you go! We hope that these morning habits help set the tone for your day, be it a weekend or a weekday, we know we will be adding some of these steps into our morning ritual!

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