8 Wellness Habits That Will Take Your Usual Day a Notch Up!

Wellness is Key, the key to a longer, healthier, and more balanced life.

They say wellness is Key, what is it the Key to? It is the key to a longer, healthier, and more balanced life. When you take the time to consistently work on yourself, you see everything around you evolving in your life for the better. Take exercising for example - when you do it consistently, you will see not just changes in your body, but in your ability to make decisions, in your productivity levels, and much more! Once you begin to notice these changes you automatically become addicted to the wellness hacks you’ve been doing. If you aren’t doing them already, here are a few things you can add to your daily routine to truly improve your day:

  • Dry brush before a shower - Dry brushing comes highly recommended and must be done before a shower. It’s a gentle exfoliation method that, externally helps detoxify your skin and eliminates dead skin cells from the surface of your skin simultaneously. Dry brushing promotes lymph drainage, improves circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, prevents ingrown hair, and brings about a feeling of being invigorated, much like how you feel after a massage because it can also stimulate your nervous system.

    Disclaimer: For those with particularly sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, or nursing an open wound, it is important to avoid dry brushing, and consult your doctor on when you might be ready to do this if at all.

  • Finish your dinner by 7:00 PM - With hectic work schedules and back-to-back calls as a result of work-from-home, we all lose track of time. Making a conscious effort to do so helps you sleep better and will ensure you feel lighter as your food would have been processed and digested by the time you head to bed. Studies suggest that eating late will not only cause weight gain but can impair your body’s ability to metabolize fat as well!
  • Try saying no once in a while - We often struggle to strike the right balance across the multiple facets of our lives. Be it work, relationships, health, personal well-being, so on and so forth, taking baby steps towards striking this unseen balance will truly benefit us in many ways. Nourish your mind, body, and soul, set realistic goals for yourself and check in on those goals from time to time and most importantly learn how to say no, and set those boundaries when it matters.
  • Do something selfless - The impact of selflessness, and doing something good truly brings about internal bliss. As the saying goes: “To be happy, make others happy”. Try and do something kind for another person every once in a while, better yet do so for a stranger, do it unexpectedly the response will be incredible. Studies suggest that selflessness is directly correlated with long-term happiness, feelings of peace, and harmony overall.
  • Say no to dessert - We all have that one lazy day when you’re just not able to pull yourself up and head into your kitchen to cook. Those days when you think, hey why not just have dessert for breakfast? Yes, every once in a while, we can do this, balance right? However, regular consumption of this does impact our bodies in the long run. Sugar in particular, not only is addictive, but the effects of daily sugar consumption and its correlation to negative effects on our body are quite potent. Studies suggest that excess sugar consumption increases inflammation in our bodies, creates a spike in certain hormone levels, affects our hearts, could lead to diabetes, and much more! So the next time you find yourself constantly reaching for that piece of chocolate after dinner, say no, you’ll be happy later!
  • Try Tongue Scraping - This process is extremely underrated, not only does tongue scraping help reduce bad breath, but studies have found that it is known to remove lingering bacteria from the surface of your tongue, hence preventing many things such as gum disease, decay, cavities and many other conditions that affect the mouth!
  • Stretch before bed - Studies state that stretching before bed is associated with the prevention of insomnia, in turn allowing for better sleep, reduced stress before bed, and much more. Moreover, stretching at any time of the day, in general, is known to improve mobility, increase flexibility, promote circulation and reduce the risk of injury. Why not try and fit in a few minutes of stretching before bed? Clearly, there is no harm!
  • Be kind to yourself - Many times, we don’t realize how hard we are on ourselves, we are all human, we make mistakes, let us learn to let go a little. Remind ourselves to celebrate our wins, and learn from the mistakes we make. As a result of chasing our dreams, and falling into the trap of the “rat race” we are faced with on the daily, we end up forgetting ourselves. Make it a habit to appreciate what you’ve achieved in your journey so far. Pat yourselves on the back and celebrate your wins even if they are small, and thank yourself every day for doing great! Kindness begins from you it’s contagious!

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