How to take care of your Décolletage?

A step-wise guide for you to go about the right way!

Looking after your face and being regular with your skincare is something that now comes naturally to us, however, the skincare regimen is incomplete if you’re skipping this major area. Your décolletage! Before we dive deep, let’s first define its area and the perimeter. While you may all be familiar with the area, the term used to define it may be unknown to some. Décolletage is the area that runs from your neck to the chest. It is the one area that we forget about very often and realize it only when we see signs of aging. You may be using all the correct products for your facial skin but is that enough? Via this blog, we're going to talk about all things necessary to protect the often forgotten area - your décolletage.

The ways for your décolletage to get damaged are pretty straightforward - overexposure to sunlight, skimping on skincare products, or skipping a few steps. Extending the same amount of support and care for your décolletage as your skin will not only keep it nourished but also help prevent early signs of aging. According to Dr. Jane Leonard, “anti-aging treatments should take a more holistic approach; combining aesthetic treatments whilst optimizing health and wellness. But so often, patients wishing to treat the neck and décolletage only seem to come into clinic once the damage has already been done, leading the patient to seek corrective rather than preventive aesthetic treatment.” With so much information around skincare today, both online and offline, taking care of your skin overall isn't too difficult and we're going to decode some more of it today.

Cleanse - This may seem very basic, but when you wash your face, how often do you wash your décolletage? If you do so, great, but if you don’t, let this be a reminder for you to cleanse the area using a gentle cleanser. Treat this just as the skin on your face and with that, you’ve aced the first step to taking care of your décolletage.

Moisturize - Just like your face, your décolletage also needs hydration. We’d say more than the face because the skin around this area is thinner than the skin on your face. It is also of the first few areas to show visible signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin. Keeping it moisturized internally and externally not only maintains skin elasticity but also rejuvenates the skin from within.

SPF - We already mentioned how the skin running from your neck until the chest is thin but did we say how it is also the layer of skin that’s exposed to the sun the most? The skin in this area consists of lesser oil glands and hair follicles, thus making it more exposed to the environment, UV rays, and pollution. It is primary to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep the skin protected. Dermatologists across the globe recommend using a minimum of SPF 30 and applying a generous amount of it too. As per research, the most amount of skin damage happens in the early ages.

Treat - Owing to the dry skin in this area, using hydrating ingredients is beneficial as it gives the skin an instant boost of moisture. Hyaluronic acid is one of them, in fact, as per the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), “HA makes up approximately two-thirds of the glycosaminoglycans present in the skin.” It also has many roles to play, however, its major function is to bind the water in the skin which then leads to more structure in the skin, firmness, and elasticity. Additionally, exfoliation is a good option too, but when you do this, firstly, make sure you use a gentle exfoliant, and secondly, do not over-exfoliate the region as this could lead to redness and rashes. Additionally, some antioxidants like Vitamin C may also protect your skin and reverse damage from free radicals

Lifestyle - The above-mentioned points are some primary steps that you must include in your skincare regimen irrespective, however, the biggest change you need to make in your routine is to work towards having a more balanced routine. Be it a good intake of fruits and leafy greens, a measured intake of natural sugar, or a good amount of sleep; these simple steps are a life changer and aid great skin and a way of living. When you’re on the go and under the sun, keeping cotton scarfs handy and layering your décolletage is a great strategy.

We are all informed about the importance of a good skincare routine. Be it the benefits of the ingredients that go into each product, information about several anti-aging treatments, or the new developments in skin technology. While you cannot fight age and have a permanent fix for it, taking appropriate measures to maintain skin elasticity and skin nourishment are factors to work towards. And we at Founders Beauty aim to educate everyone about it and help them build their skincare journey.

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