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Having a diary was a staple amongst many of us who were born in the 90s. It was an avenue to express your joys and laughter; write down your fears, and even the to-dos for the day. It was a space for honest confessions and reflections. Journaling is an act of wellness that we prioritise the most at the Founders Beauty HQ. A healthy mind paves the way for positivity and happiness.

Wellness is a state of being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy - it is essential to stay balanced. Wellness is a holistic approach to health that considers all aspects of a person's life. Starting from their diet, exercise, and sleep habits to stress levels, time management, and emotion management, it is essential to keep levels of all at bay. Practicing wellness means taking proactive steps towards staying healthy, avoiding things that cause harm to the body, and alleviating stress as much as possible. Wellness means being consistent with your routines, be it your daily routine, your self-care routine, your morning and evening rituals, and your skincare routine. Yes, even your skincare routine is essential to manage, it is the largest organ of the body which is often impacted due to various reasons, especially internal and external stressors.

The importance and beauty of Journaling:

As per research, journaling can be helpful in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress. The practice enables you to cope with emotions, build focus and reflect on your behaviour or feelings. Over time by just flipping a few pages, the journal can also give you some space to go back and relive a moment you thoroughly enjoyed. Keeping the above in mind and understanding the very essence of journaling, we launched PlanWell, a 90-day undated journal that lets you look after yourself, and your life, and in turn, keep everything in check which reflects on your skin. From planning your everyday routines, and meals, to a space to write to yourself; to making a list of books to read, movies to watch, and restaurants to visit, PlanWell is there for you, it is your companion.

Benefits of Journaling

When you’re going through troubled times or stressful situations, maintaining a journal can help clear the clutter in your mind. Journaling is a widely used non-pharmacological tool for coaching and counselling, it is also the most-recommended practice in therapy. Within psychotherapy, two types of journaling are talked about: Expressive Journaling and Gratitude Journaling.

Depending on the scenario, the two kinds aid certain benefits like reducing anxiety, breaking unhealthy patterns or addictions, regulating emotions, boosting physical health, encouraging awareness, and focusing on one priority at a time. Over a period of consistent practice, the benefits of this can be seen even after not being performed every day. Post-pandemic studies have shown that by capturing our thoughts and feelings on paper, participants often reveal a considerable range and depth of emotional trauma. It also has positive impacts on health.

Don’t have a journal or know where to start? Shop the PlanWell now, it’s a great way to get started, it is undated allowing you to start at any time of the year, and built to help you achieve your goals as well as plan for success every three months.

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