The Beckham Effect

Former British professional footballer, style icon, humanitarian - yes, we’re talking about David Beckham! Having played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, AC Milan, The English National Team, and many more, Beckham clearly knew what he was doing on the field! In fact, He held the appearance record for an outfield player until 2016 for The English National Team, despite having retired in 2013! 20 years later, he then went on to become a major style icon, launched a foundation and much more!

Going by his Instagram feed we can see that Beckham both loves to experiment and is clearly entrepreneurial at heart.

Why does this matter to us, A skincare brand?

Well, in addition to looking after himself and being in prime shape to play the game, Beckham never failed at looking after himself off the field as well. So much so, that he’s launched a grooming brand of his own! House 99. How did it come about? Well he began by - as any husband would - stealing his wife’s products. He was confident that she would use only the best and stealing from her vanity was always an option. We’re sure - as any wife would be - she was happy that he was looking after himself! In seeing how much better his skin looked, and how different weather and different locations affected his skin, he decided it was time to adopt a routine of his own! So he decided to partner with a leading beauty brand to come up with House 99.

Skincare and more skincare.

Research suggests that David Beckham swears by a daily 7-minute skincare routine. He starts with a cleanse, followed by a moisturizer, eye cream, and yes, hand cream (this is something many of us forget about), lastly he never skips on sunscreen! David learnt the importance of sunscreen quite early on, after having spent hours at a time on the field.

Fun Fact: David, a man of many talents and many tattoos, would moisturize his tattoos in particular, why? Well, because moisturizing your tattoos preserves it and allows it to age better.

We found that he also uses face masks from time to time. In a recent interview, he revealed that he enjoys masking while watching television after a rough day, not only does it relax him, but it nourishes his skin as well!

David, who always sports a sharp beard, also never fails to use quality shaving creams and beard oils, why? Well, his love for beard oils sparked as a result to his wife telling him once that his beard felt rough, and looked unkept, in true Beckham fashion, he decided to launch a beard oil! Trust Beckham to turn constructive feedback in to a business!

Importance of a routine.

We know that David is disciplined on the field, now we know that he’s disciplined with his skin care as well, lastly we have also learnt that David stays true to a disciplined routine all around as well. His diet consists of very little but healthy fats, yogurt, and olive oil mainly, lots of lean protein, lots of rich leafy greens, and whole grains. Having worked out for years, this has become habit. Moreover, he believes in getting lots of sleep. Easy, effortless, and priceless, right?

How does he do it?

We ask ourselves the same question! On reading this, it seems easy, but it truly is hard work and we truly admire David’s ability to work hard, stay disciplined, be resilient, be an inspiration and importantly be able to spark joy amongst those that need it the most - all of this coupled with his zeal for all he does, truly makes him successful at achieving all that he wants to, and hey, he looks great while doing it too!

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This is a fantastic write-up to get us, men, to care a little more about our skincare routines or lack thereof.

WH November 12, 2021

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