Spread the Joy Foundation

Spearheaded by Shalini Samtani, a Boss Lady in so many ways, Spread the Joy, true to its name, works to spread joy to children who are hospitalised across the United States. The idea to pioneer this incredible movement sparked as a result to her personal experience with regard to the difficulties of Pediatric hospitalisation alongside her own child. They, having gone through this process themselves, were determined to help both parents put smiles on the faces of their kids as well as provide children with little moments of joy through their Joy Boxes during their time in the hospital.

Each box is designed to entertain, and educate but most importantly bring happiness to these children. Through this process they have seen “the healing power of spreading joy. By creating memorable moments, we empower our little superheroes”

Our Founder, Sonam, who has gone through hospitalisations herself as well as faced the anxiety of multiple rounds of blood tests and the like, truly believes in this movement, and will never forget the support her family provided her with through this process, and its ability to help her recover!

“Spreading joy, it doesn’t just heal others, but you essentially heal internally as well, you find that pockets of emptiness in your heart are filled simply by doing a little good, and that, that kindness is truly the most beautiful thing in the world!”

Thus, we are so glad to be able to stand along side Shalini, and this incredible movement, and give everyone the chance to do a little good by supporting her and her foundation! Click on their logo to donate directly to them, contact them to see how you can help, or select to donate a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to their foundation at check out when our products launch!