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Sonam was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. As a result, she was asked to avoid all things synthetically produced. Be it packaged foods that were high in sodium, or skincare products that contained parabens, sulfates and the like.

Late 2012
Early 2013

Sonam began to see a significant improvement in her health, which in turn reflected on her skin - her adult acne began to disappear. It became clear to her that this was a direct result of taking matters into her own hands, cooking up not just her meals but her skincare products too! This is when Sonam, truly began to understand nature’s ability to heal.


Friends and family began to see a significant change in her skin. As such, she began sharing her DIYs with family and friends.

Early 2015

Her friends and family continuously asked her to create products that would last longer than a day or two, even if placed in the fridge. Sonam was unable to accomplish this, without having to compromise on the high standard she had built for herself with regards to quality, cleanliness and potency. The only way she would be able to do this was if she sought out a full fledged manufacturing facility.


Sonam was, and continues to be, fuelled by her passion for skincare and wellness as a whole. Therefore she pursued a certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so she could not only share her passion with others but further her understanding on all things self-care.


Sonam who was always driven by the desire to help, decided that if it wasn’t going to be able to create and share products as much as she wanted to, she could help through health coaching. So she continued to do this alongside working for her family’s business.


On her honeymoon to New Zealand, she noticed an array of wonderfully crafted skincare products, and so she thought, maybe ‘i'll just curate a line of great products! Products that | can vouch for! Sonam, who believes in research - believed that it wouldn’t be enough to go on the brand, it was important to understand the brand’s end to end process from manufacturing to packaging. In her search, she serendipitously shared a formulation of hers with a manufacturer and they believed they could make it come to life!


8 Years of formulating, and 3 years of working to bring these formulas to shelf, and we are finally here!


We are set to launch our first three products, and have much more in store for you.