Clay In All Its Glory

Your skin’s best-kept secret.

Got troubled skin leading to dryness, breakouts, sensitivity, or more? We’ve got the perfect fix for you and here’s everything you need to know. A bag full of skin care products may have a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and more depending on your skin’s requirements. A clay mask, a hero product in the world of skincare, however, may or may not be part of this bag all the time. But what if we told you that this hero product is your one-stop destination for skin detoxification, oil control as well as skin hydration?

BONUS - They’re simple to use. And by simple we mean, you could apply this on your face for a few minutes, watch your favourite show, finish reading that last few pages of a book, catch up with a friend or family member, 20 minutes pass and you can now wash off your mask! It’s that simple.

Bentonite Clay

French Green Clay

Fuller’s Earth Clay

Rhassoul Clay or Moroccon Red Clay

Each skin type is different and it is safe to say that several skincare products react differently on different types of skin, on application and then post application. Clay masks are generally safe on most skin types but we always recommend a patch test before a thorough application. Clay masks have the potential to unclog pores by absorbing all the oil that may linger on the surface of the skin. These clogged pores lead to the development of beachheads, acne, and whiteheads due to the excessive build-up of oil and dirt.

Apart from curing acne, dry skin, and pigmentation, this study also states that certain lotions and minerals in bentonite clay specifically help in reducing symptoms caused by dermatitis. Moreover, is said that clay masks also help manage symptoms of some skin concerns psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.

Clay masks are packed with ingredients that are great for the skin and show results almost instantly. Additionally, natural clays have been used to heal skin infections for as long as we can remember. They refine and rebalance the skin that is dull or bumpy, and because of this, clay masks have been celebrated for years. So, at Founders Beauty, we thought it was only wise to launch a clay mask as our first product, not only do we use the best of ingredients such as Bentonite which is taken from the glaciers of New Zealand and Kaolin, but it is also packed with hydrating ingredients to supplement the drying effects of Clay. At Founders Beauty, we focus on ingredients that are potent, pure, and plenteous. With Aloe Vera, Lavender, chamomile, sunflower seed oil, jojoba, raspberries, and more, our clay mask detoxifies the skin by drawing out toxins one at a time, reducing excess oils, and yet leaves your skin feeling hydrated and plump when you wash it off.



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