Trust your gut when it comes to glowing skin.

From Probiotics to pre-biotics and everything in between.

Did you know that having a larger variety of bacteria in your gut is actually good for you? We always believed bacteria = bad, but not when it comes to your gut.

Research suggests that having more bacteria in your system can reduce the risk of an unhealthy gut along with contracting inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and more.

 A healthy gut can impact not only our behaviour and mood but also the skin! When we consume healthy foods our body positively reinforces this with effects seen on our skin. On the other hand, an unhealthy gut will result in the reverse - impacting our health and the appearance of our skin. This could include the likes of rosacea, eczema, inflammation, and breakouts amongst others.

The Skin-Gut Axis

Research dictates that "The gut and skin barrier share many features. Being very different organs in nature, these two strive to collectively play similar and significant roles in the body.”

Our gut is made up of many living microorganisms that regulate functions like fighting harmful bacteria, maintaining our immunity, and keeping our overall health intact.

Similarly, like the gut, our skin is a barrier, that also fights harmful bacteria, and protects us from the external world.

In addition to being similar in function, these two areas also interact and talk to each other frequently - this conversation is what is commonly known as the “skin-gut axis”. Your skin is often a great way to see what is happening in your gut. More and more research has found links between healthy guts and healthy skin and vice versa.

How to improve gut health?

Now that we know we need a healthy gut for healthy skin, let’s explore the ways in which we can supplement our gut health and ensure it is functioning at its optimum.

The best-known and most adopted strategies to improve gut health include:

  • Use of probiotic bacteria to promote a balance of microbial activity.
  • The administration of prebiotics to favour the growth of probiotic bacteria.
  • Lastly, the combination of the two is known as synbiotics.

In addition to the use of probiotics you may want to try the following:

So there’s your quick recap on the Skin-Gut synergy, and as the saying goes beauty is indeed skin deep.

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