What is #SelflessSaturdays

Kindness and its Ripple Effects.

In our world today, it’s easy to get caught up in our egos and echo chambers. While advocating for self-care is valuable, we shouldn’t let its definition get lost in translation. Self-care doesn’t equate to selfishness and putting your well-being above others’. In fact, care takes on a deeper meaning when you help cultivate an environment of love for every being, which always comes back to you tenfold. But to do this, you must first be selfless.

Being selfless opens the world to a person. When you give, you see beauty in things that would have otherwise been dimmed by the tunnel vision of selfishness. Think about the warm feeling you get from giving a genuine compliment to someone who was having a rough day, or the fulfillment that floods you after providing life-changing advice to a friend. We don’t just feel great about ourselves—we feel human. And that’s a feeling that no commercial product in the world can replicate.

As a natural skincare brand, we recognise that we owe everything to nature. We are aware of our effect, not just on someone’s body, but also to the community and environment. We are also firm believers in the internal affecting the external. When one gives, and is kind, an individual is automatically made to feel a sense of joy, and this will reflect on your skin.

What is #SelflessSaturdays?

With all that in mind, we want to introduce #SelflessSaturdays—an initiative that encourages people to look within, harness the love they have, and share it with the world. The mechanics are simple: Every Saturday, just post a photo of yourself or someone else (with consent) doing something good for others with the hashtag #SelflessSaturdays. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate. Whether you’re surprising a co-worker with coffee, attending a beach clean-up initiative, or want to applaud a friend who organised a fundraiser for a sick neighbor, #SelflessSaturdays is a platform where we can share deeds of love and recognise the kindness of others too.

Why are we doing this?

Some may argue that acts of kindness are better kept to one's self, as broadcasting it to an audience can make it seem a little less genuine. However, #SelflessSaturdays doesn't aim to be performative. Its goal is to start a positive chain of impact and encourage others to join in. After all, ripples of kindness can eventually become waves. At this point, you might be wondering, what does this have to do with beauty? At Founders Beauty, we are firm believers that beauty goes beyond the skin. It emanates from within you and impacts your community and environment. The same way we want to promote healthy habits and a holistic skincare regimen, kindness should be a routine and regular part of our lives too. This is #SelflessSaturdays. Join our movement today.

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