Why Skincare amidst a Pandemic?

Selfcare and its Ability to Empower

By now, we all know that the ongoing pandemic has thrown our lives off-course. Suddenly, things that were once part and parcel of our days feel like ten lifetimes ago—from coffee breaks with friends, to comforting hugs from a parent after a long day. These little anchors of normalcy have been replaced by a barrage of question marks—the biggest of which being, when is this all going to end?

Although it may feel like the world is spiraling out of control, one of the things that can keep you grounded is a skincare or self care routine. At a time when we’re all evaluating what is and isn’t “essential,” it’s easy to say that your favorite moisturizer should take a backseat. But there is much value to be found in a skincare regimen amid this pandemic, and it goes beyond aesthetics and luxury.

According to recent studies, more and more adults are taking care of their skin now more than ever. A quick scroll through social media will also reveal the thousands of users turning to skincare to relax during these stressful times.

True enough, there is something undeniably therapeutic about looking in the mirror and knowing you have carved out some time in your day for self-care. Whether it's a one-minute cleanse, a quick tone-and-moisturise routine after a long day, or a full half-hour with a clay mask on, these sacred seconds are an opportunity to escape from the noise and be present in the moment - be grateful, and be able to look after yourself.

There is indeed a wealth of research that proves how rituals can help lower anxiety levels. They divert our attention from the unknown, and invigorate us with the comfort that not everything is out of our hands. This sense of empowerment—no matter how simple it may seem—can have a positive domino effect on your entire day.

Psychologists state that self-care routines can boost productivity and improve our time management skills. And through time management skills, we learn how to better manage our personal time and reduce stress. It does not take a medical expert to know that tension can manifest itself on one’s skin. Often, it only takes a few sleepless nights for cortisol (the stress hormone) to shoot up and trigger inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema. Moreover, stress can compromise skin barrier function and decrease our bodies’ layer of protection against the outside elements.

In this regard, skincare becomes a powerful act of self-love. It’s making that effort to go against that tidal wave of uncertainties, even if it isn’t always easy. Of course, it goes without saying that self-care looks different for every person. While skincare is a fantastic example, others may cope through getting creative in the kitchen, jotting down one's thoughts, or meditating in the mornings.

At the end of the day, what matters is that we permit ourselves the space to be vulnerable, and acknowledge that switching off is integral to finding our inner calmness. However you define self-care, these moments are yours to make the most of. How do you define your skincare routine amid this crisis?

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