#Skinscaries no more, with these simple steps.

Treat your skin, don’t trick it!

From styling the perfect costume to topping your home’s look with all things spooky. Halloween marked the start of the festive season, yes it’s that time of the year again.

With Halloween just ending, Diwali approaching, and thanksgiving around the corner, and hey, let’s not forget Christmas! We at Founders Beauty wanted to check in and make sure to remind you, to keep up with your skincare routines despite the busy schedule you might have!

Just as you plan your looks, and mark your calendars for the many events you’re about to attend, make sure you carve out some time for yourself, and your skin. Very often, as a result of the lack of time, our skincare routines are the first thing we put aside. We’re here to say, please don’t do this! After each festival, and each event, and post all that makeup you needed to use to be the best-dressed cat woman or Cleopatra, and this refers to our men as well who make the perfect Caesar to your Cleopatra! Your skin needs that TLC now more than ever.

If makeup isn’t removed well, you are opening the door to clogged pores, bacterial build-up, and a damaged skin moisture barrier; all of which lead to harsh skin reactions like acne, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and more! How do you get around these #skinscaries? Well, prep your skin, prior to applying all that makeup and remove all that makeup post the festival. Then give it some much-needed love and care. How? Well, it’s simple really, as we’ve previously mentioned, don’t neglect your skin. Continue the routine you’ve been using, never skip out on this. What is a good routine? It includes “Protection, prevention, cleansing, and moisturizing are the key components of an effective skincare routine.”

Let’s start with cleansing, makeup removal is usually the first step one neglects, and even for those who do it, many don’t do a thorough clean. With makeup as heavy as that used on Halloween for instance, you may want to consider doing a triple cleanse, as opposed to a double cleanse. When cleansing, make sure to use the right cleansers for your skin, not sure what’s right for you? Go with something that suits all skin types or consult your trusted dermatologist. Studies suggest that using the right type of cleanser for your skin not only helps prevent bacterial build-up and gives your skin a thorough clean but can also aid in the management and prevention of other serious skin conditions.

If you’re using an unusual amount of makeup on your skin with heavy pigments, we suggest taking it up a notch further, so as to truly draw out impurities and buildup, how do you do this? Masks are your best friends in this instance. Not sure where to start? Post cleanse apply a clay mask, this is your best bet. Minerals like clay have been used to treat and heal the skin since prehistoric times, this is backed by science as well. It has been known to address the removal of clogged pores, as well as help get rid of both black and whiteheads, and help with drawing out any excess bacterial build-up. Moreover, with long-term use, clay has been known to help control oil production in those with oily skin, as well as aid in quick healing. Research also suggests that clay has a negative charge and may help it bind to positively charged toxins some of which can be found in pollution, which is more likely to stick to the skin during the use of makeup.

Looking for a good clay mask? Check out the Creamy Clay Concentrate by Founders Beauty. Yes, it’s coming soon! This mask is formulated with glacial clay with the aim to ensure the removal of any build-up on your skin as well as bring all the other benefits clay has to offer. Having said that, it was really important to our founder that everyone be able to use this mask, so to address the drying effects of clay, she ensured to couple the clay with multiple hydrating ingredients to allow those with dry skin to use this mask as well.

Made with an array of clean ingredients that are ethically sourced, make sure you have this hero product handy to drive skin woes away.

When using a clay mask, always apply a serum and moisturizer afterward. When not using a mask, still, moisturizer is your holy grail. When it comes to moisturizers, a little goes a long way and a lot goes further. Having said that we only advise using more product when using heavy makeup - and or as the seasons change - as you do end up stripping your skin of its natural oils not just during application of makeup but during cleansing as well.

We’re here to treat your skin, not trick it!

Treat Number One

How do you protect your skin post heavy makeup? Consistency. “Protection, prevention, cleansing, and moisturizing are the key components of an effective skincare routine.”

Treat Number Two

A hack that our Founder suggests, is to apply moisturiser on your skin while its still damp, this will truly help your skin retain moisture.

Treat Number Three

Post the application of heavy make up or consistent use, let your skin breathe, try and leave a day in between make up applications - better yet, if you can, create an on-off method: for every day you apply heavy make up, give your skin two days to recover.

Treat Number Four

Rosewater is gold. In addition to soothing the skin, it also helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Pro Tip: Leave your rose water in the fridge, or better yet make rose water ice cubes - this will give your skin an instant pick me up and soothe any redness brought on by consistent use of make up.

Treat Number Five

Want to go that extra mile? Well, when moisturising, give your face a facial massage, this will give your skin that extra boost it needs.

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