Travel, and Skincare ft. Sonam Uttamchandani - Nanwani

The Founder unveils her secrets.

As travel opens up, let us remember to never, ever take for granted the ability to hop on a flight at any point, be it planned or spontaneous for pleasure or for business, to see family or friends, or both! While there’s a lot more admin that comes with travelling today, I think it’s something we’re all willing to do. As we navigate our way through this ‘new normal’ we are facing - let us remember to continue to be grateful, and celebrate all we can!

With so many new developments in the world, we chatted with Founder and CEO, Founders Beauty Sonam Uttamchandani-Nanwani to learn about her take on travel in the new normal and get an insight on one, how she travels and two, how to manage the skin while at it.


Sonam Uttamchandani - Nanwani

  1. How excited are you now that travel has opened up?

    While travel is amazing, and I love the idea of being able to go and explore, I actually love routine, its grounding and keeps me sane amidst the daily crazy.

    Having said that, not being able to go home and see family has definitely taken its toll, as such, I'm extremely happy to be able to go see family whenever I'd like.”

  2. According to you, what are some of the key travel essentials? What's always in your bag?


    “Other than the usuals - phone, wallet, keys, earphones, and passports- I also carry the following:

    1. Hand Sanitizer - This has been a top contender on the list of things in my bag, even pre-covid! Now post covid, in addition to sanitizer - I always carry a spare mask, some gloves, and wet wipes.
    2. Lip Balm to ensure our lips' hydration levels are maintained and remain hydrated.
    3. Hand Cream - When you’re constantly sanitizing your hands, you need a hand cream to retain moisture and look less dry. And generally while on a plane also, our hands tend to become dryer
    4. Face Mist for rehydration.
    5. A guasha or a facial roller because believe it or not, in my free time, or when I'm going from one place to another, I do like to refresh my skin this way.
    6. Travel-sized skincare products - If I'm unable to make space, then I put everything into my suitcase except my sunscreen, for the very reason that it is harder to find a sunscreen that suits your skin than to find other products.
    7. Vitamins C and D

      - Vitamin C is essential for your immunity and your skin!

      - Vitamin D is another underrated vitamin, if your D levels are low ensure to ask your doctor about being able to supplement this.

      Despite what it may seem, when you lack certain vitamins in your body, certain functions are impaired, and just as a machine works, our body's systems all need to work in unison for it to be able to reach its optimum state.

    8. Lastly, a Mini first aid kit.”
  3. What are some travel essentials you cannot do without when you travel?

    “I try to ensure I stay hydrated a few days before the flight, this really helps to ensure your skin doesn't completely dry out. I always bring a facial roller, and carry my own products, even if it is a shortened routine for travel.”

  4. An overrated skincare ingredient according to you that people can skip?

    “I“Sheet Masks, while they're great and they give you that healthy glow, they don't work as well as regular clay or DIYs done at home. Moreover, when using any type of mask, one has to ensure their skin is thoroughly cleansed, along with their hands, which isn’t something one can generally do on a place. Now more than ever, during covid, be wary about what you put on your skin on flight and sanitising before you touch your face. I would instead, recommend reapplying your moisturiser or using a face mist.”

  5. According to you, an ideal skincare travel hack for the following skin types are:
    • Oily

      You're at an advantage during travel, because your skin may not dry out as much, my advise, do what you normally do, and carry blotting sheets to ensure that you blot away excess oil during the flight if at all needed. Having said that, ensure that your skin is actually oily, because if you have dry skin, and your skin is over producing oil then you need to look after it differently.

    • Acne Prone

      Ensure to keep your skin clean, when you travel you are exposed to many different things, which may sit on your skin. If it's a short flight, cleanse, moisturise and protect pre flight. If it's a long light do the same pre flight, but re cleanse after a few hours or bring a face mist.

    • Dry

      If you have dry skin, apply and reapply moisturiser, make sure your hands are clean when doing so. I would recommend reapplying moisturiser every 5/6 hours depending on the length of your flight. If it's a short flight use a thicker night cream the day before the flight, and apply two layers of moisturiser before your sunscreen on the day of the flight.

    • Combination

      This is probably the harder type to manage, make sure to apply moisturiser on dryer areas of the skin.

    • Normal

      Do what you normally do, but consider applying an extra layer of moisturiser the night before and on the day of the flight.

  6. Skincare advice based on your personal travel experiences over the years.

    “Observe your skin and learn about it. While traveling, look after it and ensure you bring products with you that help keep your skin nourished end to end, and Avoid using new products when traveling. All in all, keep it simple and clean.”

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