UpCycle Your Nightly Routine with Skin Cycling.

One of the few skincare trends that dermatologists actually agree with.

Dr. Whitney Boew, MD New York-based board-certified dermatologist and the founder of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, has received a lot of attention recently for coining the term Skin Cycling. A concept which she popularised on Tik Tok. With over 3.5 billion views - now a global trend - Skin Cycling is one of the few that most dermatologists actually agree with.

What is Skin Cycling

Night One: Exfoliation

Use AHAs and BHAs in your routine and limit it to using them once in four days for effective results. Exfoliation helps in breaking down dead skin cells hidden deep within the skin. It is also the process of removing excess corneocyte buildup, which in turn stimulates cell turnover. Follow this up with a good layer of hydrating moisturiser.

Night Two: Retinoids

Next up, Retinoids - a Vitamin A derivative that helps speed up cell turnover, helps treat mild acne, fade hyperpigmentation and scarring, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful ingredient plays an active role in Skin Cycling. If you’re new to Retinoids, we recommend applying a layer of moisturiser to prep your skin first, then starting with a pea-sized amount of retinoid for your entire face, and follow it up again with a moisturiser after. This sandwich approach helps prevent skin irritation and dryness. Moreover, it also helps in building the skin’s resistance to retinoids.

Nights Three and Four: Hydration

After 2 days of exfoliation and retinoid application, Day 3 and 4 is for your skin to relax and unwind literally! All you have to do is cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a layer of moisturiser. These moisturisers such as ones that have hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, glycerine, and more work towards hydrating your skin and locking in all the moisture needed for your skin to breathe and recover. Choose products that are free of fragrance and always apply them on damp skin for maximum absorption.

Night Five: Treatment

Here, we at Founders Beauty, recommend that you treat your skin, be it with a targeted serum, or a mask. Something simple and nourishing could truly do wonderful things for your skin.

Night Six: Rest

Here you can either allow your skin to rest, simply do a double cleanse, and let your skin breathe

How does Skin Cycling benefit the skin?

Skin Cycling not only allows you to determine what your skin truly needs as a result of utilising only three to four products at night, but it also ensures you get the most out of your skincare. Moreover, it helps reduce the potential of skin irritation as you only exfoliate and use retinol once a week on separate days, alongside giving your skin recovery days in between repeated use.

Skin cycling is generally beneficial for those who want to use less product and want something fuss-free, as well as for those who want to even out their skin tone or have skin concerns such as acne.

That said, no one single routine is truly suitable for all skin as such, we at Founders recommend always speaking to a dermatologist first.

That said, no one single routine is truly suitable for all skin as such, we at Founders recommend always speaking to a dermatologist first.

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