What Sustainability in Skincare Looks Like

 the little things we do Founders Beauty to be more responsible.

Making environmentally conscious choices is the growing norm for most in today’s day and age. As consumers, we are given a plethora of information and content about sustainability and its significance. As such, with more and more consumers understanding the environmental impact created by their actions, more consumers are taking little steps towards sustainable living.

In a study conducted by weDo/ Professional one in five consumers aged 25-34 considered sustainability an important factor when choosing products, and 52% of respondents said they checked the packaging of beauty products to ensure they are sustainably produced.

Having said that, we have learnt, in our research, about the backlash the skincare and beauty industry receives when it comes to plastic usage for packaging, as well as energy consumption, testing on animals, health hazards as a result of the use of toxic ingredients, and the like.

In learning about the above, it was imperative for us to understand what the trigger points were, allowing us to produce something we could genuinely be proud of, something that was effective yet not harmful to the beauty that is nature. We wanted to truly be clean beauty.

What is Clean Beauty?

When products are formulated with ingredients that are either plant-based or naturally derived from nature, purified, and made with zero non-toxic ingredients, the final output is a clean product. This is sustainable and safe to use as it is free of harmful chemicals that affect the environment and the skin.

There’s a positive urgency for brands to be able to associate themselves with words like ‘natural’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘cruelty-free’. With more content and information available, and the subject being widely studied globally, we are excited to see brands coming together, working to be better and do better.

How to build a ‘sustainable’, ‘clean, and environmentally friendly skincare routine.

As brands continue to work hard to be more sustainable, it is important to empower ourselves with the education to make the right choices when it comes to skincare. Be it choosing the right products so they don’t go to waste, learning about the brands that truly commit to being the best version of themselves sustainability-wise, or following the less is more approach so one consumes less product and achieves more with it.

We know that this process can be overwhelming in the beginning, especially given the need to learn about certifications, toxic ingredients, and the like. So here are a few key steps to take, that will help you determine if a brand is truly committed to being better, and if you truly need the product or not:

Steps to Sustainable Skincare

What is sustainable packaging and how do we find brands that are sustainable?

Choosing Sustainable packaging

At Founders Beauty, we constantly strive to meet our sustainability targets and contribute our bit towards the environment and planet earth. We believe that beauty is boundless, and through this belief, we want to secure our social impact and sustainability. Our goals are essential to ensure that our business operations and growth are fuelled by the desire to do better for ourselves and our planet. While crafting our products, we try and keep our waste to a minimum, we chose packaging that’s sustainable, use ingredients that can be derived easily from nature, and keep our energy and emissions as low as possible.

Our Current and Future Sustainability Efforts as of 2023

Above is just a snippet of our company’s sustainability report, which we will be publishing soon, stay tuned for that. Sign up here to receive it when we publish.

Sharing an organization’s sustainability practices, and its mission from the very beginning can help consumers distinguish the difference and make better buying decisions and we at Founders Beauty aim for the same practice which enables every consumer to make a responsible choice, as well as pick the products that are best for them.

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